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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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s driving by and saw the flames. they called the fire department before 2:00 this morning. the fire department was told a house was on fire but they found claremont middle school on fire burning in the cafeteria. it got into the at tick. -- into the attic. >> the building is large with the fire getting a good head start. because of the high ceilings and the thick tiles on the ceiling it made it difficult to get to. >> it took 45 minutes to get the fire out. no one was here of course because it was a monday or on a holiday in the middle of night. everyone is okay. firefighters were all right. no one was hurt in the fire. the building is still standing. the fire department says the cafeteria is ruined and they cannot use the cafeteria. it will be up to the school district whether they have cool tomorrow. custody a holiday. that gives them a day to figure
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out what the situation is. when the light comes out they can assess what the damage is and the fire cause. the fire department will look interest something suspicious a door that was opened that looked like someone may have forced their way in. it is 4:43. wonder how big the cargo ships are on the inside? oakland firefighters had to climb 12 flights of stairs to get to the flames inside a car go ship docked in oakland. the firebreak out in an officer's cabin five stories' the main deck of the ship. it was put out in 40 minutes. the coast guard will check on the ship to make sure it is safe to sail. >> san jose police are investigating the third homicide this year. a well licked security guard was shot and skilled over $20 box ofcy cigars. it happened on senator night in san jose on north capital
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avenue. the security guard whose name is not released posed in the uniform in this picture. his car registered to him is still at the scene. two men tried to steal a box of cigars and he was shot officer inside the get away car. matt will have a report for us on the scene at the top of the hour. >> citrus growers and automakers will feel pinch of the showdown at the ports. a grow are claims he is losing $3 million a week because of libido's future. california exports large amounts of citrus to asia and "usa today" reports that monday dallas slow down production in indiana and ohio and canada because of a lack of parts from asia through the ports. 29 ports are in the middle of a costly shut down over stalled labor talks between the shipping companies and the dock workers union. >> dulles in washington dc is
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slowly coming back to full service. a water main burst last night in the f.a.a. tower and the tower was evacuated and all departures were canceled. the tower has re-opened but there are limited arrivals and departure. dulles and other airports may have to juggle flights anyway today because of snow and frigid cold. here is that story. >> a wicked blast of winter with icy mix for the south and more snow for the northeast later today and tomorrow. new england has been hit hard especially boston with nearly 8' of snow. february is one of the snowsest months. ever. >> i am laughing. i am looking at the positive side living in a time i am seeing a weather event that will not happen for another 50 years. >> more snow is on the way. >> this would be our fourth
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major storm in three weeks. >> cars and mailboxes are buried with snow to the rooftops of some smaller homes in this maine town. >> getting tired. i love maine the i love winter, but i question it this winter. >> this new hampshire warehouse collapsed because of the snow. this is taking its toll on travel. airlines have already canceled hundreds of flights. on the roads gusts and whipping snow blinded drivers from michigan to indiana to ohio. in chicago slippery roads triggered a 38-car pileup. police responded to an accident in massachusetts involving at least 23 vehicles including a tract trailer. in areas not being buried by more snow and ice the forecast is calling for more better with dangerous wind chills.
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>> sunday's bad weather canceled 415 flights across the nation today. according to the survey, seven flights are canceled at sfo but nothing at san jose or oakland. bay area airport officials say everything looked good for flights this morning. >> the f.a.a. will conduct an investigation into the emergency landing of a small plane on an east bay golf course. the plane lost power after take off from the hayward executive airport yesterday and landed on the sky west golf court next to the airport. this video was shot of the scene showing the single engine aviator plane on the golf course, one of the wings leaked about ten gallons of fuel which was cleaned up by the crews. the pilot was the only person on board the plane and he walked away unhurt. >> welcome ending to the accept for a missing san jose woman. miss say 78-year-old woman has been found safe after wandering
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away from the capital free market yesterday afternoon. there was condition because she suffered from alzheimer's disease but we got word this morning she has been found safe. we should know later today if california most the goal for health insurance enrollment. yesterday was the final day to sign up for obamacare through cover california trying to sign up 1.7 million customers. centers across the bay area were packed with applications and officials say there were many ropes people do not sign up although it is the law. >> he felt they could not afford it. there were immigration issues and mixed immigration status. for example, some people were eligible for coverage and others in the family were not. [ inaudible ] >> i procrastinate but i wanted to make sure i understood everything before i decided to take this plan and i wanted all the information. >> if you did nut sin up you
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face fins of $325 per adult or 2 percent of the income. >> this is a cold transformation this morning in santa clara. workers have spent the night traying water or a temporary ice rink at levi stadium. on chart the shark -- on saturday night the sharks will host the kings. to keep the ice from melting refrigeration will run under the ice all weekend with blankets over the ice in the day. neither mike or i get to drive the zamboni machine. >> that would be fun. love it. now, as far as the temperatures we are pretty mild here in van from 57 in west portal to 56 in the mission and 55 in ocean beach and crissy field and we have 53 at the ferry building and 52 and headed downtown
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everything is closed because of the president's holiday. 50 in pittsburg, and 44 in santa clara and 46 in san leandro and 56 in pacifica, and 43 in petaluma. from our camera, the flags are limp right now rather than blowing offshore like they have been because they will blow on shore as the afternoon unfolds i will keep cloudy conditions at the coast and your temperatures are locked in the 60's and most of us have a lot of sunshine especially the further you are away from the observations from 71 to 75 inland an the bay and 69 to 75. so far, no fog around san rafael although some is trying to develop to the north around santa rosa. moving through the next three days tomorrow and cool of the. >> we are on holiday service schedule for several of our transit systems and first, a.c. transit will run on the sunday service.
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bart also, and going to be on the weekend service, saturday to be exact, and ace train is holiday service with ace trains 3 and 5 in the morning ask ace train 4 and 6 in the afternoon. and caltrain will be on holiday service for them as well with more information coming up in a few minutes on other mass transit agencies. here is a look at walnut creek southbound 680 with clear conditions and empty. new details emerge in back to become shooting attacks in europe. the help police say the gunman received and what may have triggered the deadly spree. >> the road to the ross cars is paved with greens, meet the young inspiring filmmakers about to make a name for themselves. stay tuned.
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. danish police arrested two men suspected of helping carry out two deadly shooting attacks on copenhagen. they are suspected of giving the gunmen shelter and getting rid of the weapon after shooting that left two people dead on saturday. the 22-year-old suspect gunman died in a shoot out with a swat team. police say he killed a danish filmmaker at an event on free speech and then a security guard at a synagogue. authorities say he had a history violence and gang connections. they believe three was inspired by materials sent out by isis and other radical groups. >> egypt is saying publicly for the first time they have bummed isis targets in libya. the bombing is after the release of a horrific video showing the bow heading of coptic christian hostages. egyptian fighter jets took off
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on bombing runs targeting weapon depots and training camps. all returned safely. the makers of the beheading vehicle identify themselves as the tripoli province of islamic state group. the killings come days after president obama asked conditioning for four average authorization to wage war against isis. >> a report this open says that a group of international hackers has stolen up to $1 billion from banks around the world. the russian security company says that the cyber robbers go into a bank account, at a zero to the balance and transfer the difference to an outside account before been or the account holder noticed. they managed to do this undetected for two years. the hackers got a.t.m. to spit out money without using a card or entering a code. most of the targets have been in russia and eastern europe. the hackers also target banks in the united states, and asia and russian, and eastern europe. >> commitment is building major
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road closings are in affect this morning and the hollywood part is exiting, a full week before the oscars. >> part of hollywood boulevard was closed at a hot spot and other streets are chessed to allow craws to put up stages, bleachers, and the red carpet in front of the theater that is home to the oscars. >> a hand picked group of young filmmakers will take part in the event. here are the details. >> this year the road to the oscars was paved with a dream. a smile. and a banana. >> you meet team oscar. they are the aspiring young filmmakers and actors hand picked to attend the biggest night in hollywood. >> this is where most of us start. >> a dream come true for any budding artist. >> i called every family member,
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in management everyone. i went crazy. >> nominees are on pins and needles waiting to see if they make it to the stage, these filmmakers heard have a guaranteed spot. they will stand up there side-by-side with many of their heroes delivering the gold statue to the famous presenters. and they get to hang out with actors. >> they get to go on tours with producers and actor and talk about the dream. >> the meetings is what have the win others most exited. >> i just want my step to be sold and i hope i get to see some people this can do that for me. >> chris has always landed to make it to the oscars but, first, the 18-year-old had to finish high school. >> i wasn't back to a couple of schools and they didn't expect this to happen this fast and i didn't expect it to help at a >> he is about to they the door to his dreams wide open.
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>> you can watch the oscars next sunday february 22 only right here. the big show starts at 4:00 p.m. and for a complete list of the nominees, visit >> counting the days. so exiting. how is the weather? hard to stay inside. we still is a string of wonderful weather if you like sunshine and above-average temperature. but the coast is going to look more like summer the next couple days with clouds in your main the right now, live doppler hd is dry. you will not need the umbrella. now, what will happen, you can see the tule fog in the central veal. we have a little deficit an offshore breeze so it will try to move through the delta communities and possibly, down into the san ramon valley as we head through the next 2 1/2 hours and you can see the clouds at the coast and see how this
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expands as the tule fog evaporates so the temperatures at the coast are going to be cooler today. you can miss the opportunity at our peoples for the warm sunshine which was more likelier, saturday and even on friday. we still have 70's away from the coast but a last 60 because of the thick are cloud cover in the afternoon. we will start to the south bay, 72 in milpitas. a lot of mid-70's here. until gilroy is 77. santa cruz, today, only 68 degrees. if you lunchy, low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula and one area where we could have a record, 73 degrees and that would tie a record. the key is when exactly the onshore flow videos and will it get this far south. i am banking it will not before we get to 73. and the mid-60's along the coast, and notice the clouds are trying to come across the golden gate bridge and if you are thinking of heading there the earlier the better. headed to the north bay we have
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low-to-mid 70's in your neighborhood and notice the temperatures are ten degrees cooler with the clouds researching the coast later today and we will have low-to-mid 70's along the east bay shore and just low-to-mid 70's headed into our inland valleys. look how widespread the cloud cover is tonight all the fog at the cost and the marine layer pushing in with the tule fog hanging out in the central valley so milder conditions, mid-40's to low 50's. our long-range forecast today tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday saturday, sunday mop, -- monday, tuesday wednesday, thursday. did you see rain? no. my seven-day forecast and we will have 60 at the coast for better part of the week with upper 60's to low 70's for the rest of us until we get to the weekend and maybe just a little bit warmer. leyla? >> goodgood morning, everyone, happy president's day. there could be fog. it will envelop the commute to the golden gate bridge on 101.
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now is the time to get going. it looks like san rafael 101 headed to 580 is clear. when you come across the golden gate bridge no delays and i walked this length this week and it was spectacular a beautiful beautiful weekend. northbound 880 at 29th avenue we do have two lanes that are blocked where minor injuries and the rest of the drive pushing to the maze, it looks like everything is moving along at top speed and nothing to impede the commute so traveling through berkeley on i-80 with no delays 580, 880, to the maze, all running at top speed. >> it was original a matter of time: the f.a.a. is prosecuting drone use. >> in tech bytes new proposed riles for commercial drone flights, the f.a.a. says operators will have to pay a written test.
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>> only day light flights are allowed under 5 pet foot high and kept in eyesight. it could take threeees for -- three years for the rules to be finalized. 63 percent of popular dating apps are vulnerable to hackers because people offer personal information on the apps hoping to find that long lost love. >> google is getting design that freshens you it i senses you are sweating. >> it sanes out a pleasant fragrance when you smell. >> coming up, sleepless in high school. big price your team could be paying for not getting enough shut eye. >> a great weekend for the warriors as stuff occur -- as
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>> is your teen moody? tired? you can blame it on a lack sleep. experts found a half of 15 to 19-year-olds surveyed did not get seven hours of sleep when they need 9 or 10 hours. they are sleeping less than in the 1990s which can three aggressive behavior and lack of concentration. there were no reasons for the diminishing shut eye. >> does it have the same impact on adults? >> three of the warriors biggest names return to the bay area this afternoon after show off what make their brand of basketball so special. >> the head coach led the all stars that including clay
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thompson and steph provided the razz old dazzle and then spoke with our sports director. >> give me your assessment of the weekend. >> a lot of fun a lot going on from start to finish but i was able to enjoy it. had some fun things going on off the court and with the three-point contest victory and winning tonight...icing on the cake and ready to get a couple of days rest. >> as you heard the west con 163-158. curry and the warriors return to action on friday. >> he mentioned the three-point contest, did you see it? he was money! >> wasn't even close. >> no. not close. >> good morning, everyone, the weekend was a roller
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cooler conditions on monday and tuesday but above the agency of 62 and the offshore breeze develops on friday and saturday and sunday and back in the 70s and headed to the south we have from santa ana to tijuana now thick fog and maybe flight delays. low-to-mid 70's through the central valley and 59, a record high in lake tahoe. >> leyla? it is quiet in the bay area but oakland where we have a vehicle, two-vehicle accident northbound 880 at 29th avenue and 18-wheeler pulled up behind it to protect everyone but c.h.p. is running a couple of brakes to move everything to the shoulder is we should start to see diminishing activity in a moment but two lanes are blocked and seeing a little bit of slowing. 580 westbound tracy to dublin is 25 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 15 minutes and 101 from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes.
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for more than 130 years schoolchildren have been taught that the washington monday it -- washington monument in washington is 555' and that was ring for 130 years. we new measurements found the monument is actually 554 10 inches shorter than we have been led to believe. the america to the first president is not shrinking but the original surveyors used a different starting point for taking their measurements so it is different. >> the fish and wildlife is pledging $3.2 million to save monarch butterflies with the populations dropping by 90 percent the last two decades most of the money restoring 200,000 acres of habitat from california to the midwest. it is huge in santa cruz because people go monarch
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viewing, though lay the eggs in the make wood but the plant is in decline because of farmland and use of pesticide. >> in oakland flames rip through a school building and the alert driver who may have kept it from getting worse. >> new details in a deadly san francisco apartment building fire with signs of trouble in a building reporting trouble for years. stay tuned. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. who wants pizza rolls?!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning a few seconds away from 5:00 a.m. i like the suggestion: why
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don't we all take the day off? >> just a suggestion to leyla because there is no traffic. yet. we hope it stays that way. now more on remark and weather. >> we have change on the way especially at the coast. right now live doppler 7 hd is dry. we will look at your 12 hour day planner from sutro tower to see how client air is over to oakland this morning. we are around 40 to 56, and waking up to a lot of sunshine. clouds are at the coast by noon and 66 inland and up to 70 with thicker clouds along the coast this afternoon and up her stars 56 and 60, but that coastal clouds could affect the rest of us tomorrow. that is in the seven-day forecast. thanks, mike. lame stay right there there are always changes. >> exactly, this are changes in mass transit. you are starting off with san jose and it looks like 897 is a


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